Introducing Wontra Travel Cards

We all know how stressful it is to access the US dollar for your PTA or BTA. Its either you are short-changed by Bureau-de-Change operators or you’re frustrated by the long process of getting forex by banks due to bureaucracy and regulations by the Central Bank.

Now, what is PTA or BTA?

PTA stands for Personal Travel Allowance while BTA, on the other hand, means Business Travel Allowance. It is a specific amount in foreign currency obtainable by Nigerian travellers for their trips abroad.

Introducing Wontra Travel Card…

Here’s a solution and a great way to access PTA or BTA without ever queuing up at the bank or visiting a BDC – Yes, it’s absolutely possible. Wontra has partnered with PayExpressMobile to bring to you Wontra Travel Cards to ease the way travellers

Wontra Travel Card

What is Wontra Travel Card?

Wontra Travel Cards work like your regular ATM debit cards and you can top-up anytime, anywhere with forex needed for PTA or BTA. With these cards, the stress of accessing PTA is reduced as you can get forex on your travel card right from your naira account in the comfort of your room.

Why get your Wontra Travel Card?

When asked what the benefits of the cards are, we are quick to mention these important facts:

  • Wontra Travel Cards have the lowest exchange rate you can ever get elsewhere.
  • The card is accepted worldwide.
  • Convenience: Buy PTA with your mobile phone from your naira account.

Let’s get you started. Get registered and request for your customized WONTRA travel card. Click here to begin.

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